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am i being unreasonable? i think im being more than fair. i also think that if hes allowed to do what he wants, im allowed to do what i want.

rob and linda are coming over. then we gonna go visit tori. then i go to work.



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31st Aug, 2004 08:04 (UTC)
why all this talk of change? what is a relationship if all you do is change one another? pot is dumb, but that's his decision to make -- those are his choices.
31st Aug, 2004 11:18 (UTC)
well he wanted me to change. for example, although i already have him, he wanted me to stop looking for potential guys. yet he still looks for random girls to sleep with. i stopped looking for guys, he still looks for people to sleep with. he wanted us to be open with each other and talk about problems and be honest. i had no idea where that party was (still dont) or how much he had drank and i wanted my car. he told me he was going to that party to 'drink enough to calm down' and didnt come home till 9.30 in the morning, after i had terrorized my own body going crazy waiting for him (he would like me to stop this, im not going to).
31st Aug, 2004 17:49 (UTC)
Let's get this straight people.
As you all know, Robyn has slept with other people, while sleeping with me. That hurt me a lot, and I took her back. I am looking for random girls to sleep with because I have not slept with anyone else besides her, and I told her that I eventually would. Robyn never asked me where the party was, nor did she ask how much I drank. Specifically. If she asked I would have told her. So much for opening up with each other and talking about problems. Also, who calls cutting themselves visibly on the wrist for everyone to see terrorizing? It would seem as if she wanted me to see it. This is all bullshit and I'll settle things with her when she gets home tonight. I'm sick of this shit.

Robyn's Significant Other
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