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23rd Jun, 2005

Just found out the prime minister has declared today a national day of mourning
I love my birthday



( 6 spoke — Orate )
23rd Jun, 2005 04:39 (UTC)
SWEET! National signifigance!
23rd Jun, 2005 05:32 (UTC)
lol, yeah, it's pretty great. I was actually born on another disaster, but I don't remember what.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:33 (UTC)
Let me try that again: I think I was born on a day a disaster happened, but I'm not sure. Better?
24th Jun, 2005 19:43 (UTC)
yeah, exactly 20 years ago, it was...

I live in Ottawa now, and some douchebags on the bus thought that all of the flags at Parliament were at half-mast because of a budget vote... I set them straight.

Happy b-day, Robyn, even though I'm posting a day late, I did think of you... I tend to remember old friend's b-days very very well... you, Krissy, Brian, Carly, April... holy crap.
25th Jun, 2005 03:16 (UTC)
lol, i remember krissy's, although i don't ever see her...i went to brian's 'party'...it's impossible to forget yours, though
25th Jun, 2005 03:16 (UTC)
wait, it was 20 years ago? lol, i was right!
( 6 spoke — Orate )