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Obviously, I am at school. In one of the three open access computer labs, drinking up the heat from the mass CPUs. I have two hours of no class right now. I should go downstaris and eat but it's so expensive. It should at least be good tasting food for that price. or more variety. OMG it is so much easier to use a real keyboard. lol, I should hook a keyboard up to my laptop, then I wouldn't have a mouse. Which should I sacrifice: typing errors, or glidepoint inproficiency (please tell me that I did NOT just make that word up)?

I was in the hallway today, trudging to my locker under the massive weight of my backpack, and I was listening to these two women talk: [woman in navy suitdress and tan shoes] blah blah blah how is your computer class? [woman in ugly pants and uglier shirt] oh its fine blah blah blah easy blah blah programs [woman in navy suitdress] i dont understand that stuff. i guess im not computer savvy blah blah blah...........WHO SAYS 'COMPUTER SAVVY'??? Why not 'computer literate'? Or 'I don't work well with computers'? I didn't know savvy was a word still in use in the English language. Like litter bin.

In other exciting news from today, my friend got me a colouring book, which I desparately searched the town for. I need a colouring book to get me through boring parts of the day, like right now, and to use up my crayon stumps. And it wasn't just any colouring book, either. It's a JUSTICE LEAGUE colouring book! Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Hawkgirl (woman?), Green Lantern, and someguy called Martian Manhunter (I think that sounds like a bad guy name). Oh BOY I'm gonna have fun with this book. It's as thick as my textbooks and is plastered all over with bright cartoonings of the characters, very professional. I get so excited when I see Superman and Wonderwoman.

Oh yes. I'm giving this woman rides to and from school most days of the week now. She pays me $20 a week for it. And she's like 35, so I feel strange listening to my music in the car. When I finally burn my CD with all the hair band stuff on it, maybe I won't have to keep it turned down. Does that reasoning follow through?

OK, 20 to eleven. my stomach tells me its time for poutine....mmmm, cheese lumps. ew, gravy lumps...oh well, one balances out the other.

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