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How am I going to update if I insist on reading my friends page thinger first? I can't so I 'm going to skip straight to my purpose:
I'm at school, my only source of internet. Which means I'm on once a week before I'm in class.

I might get promoted to assistant manager at Doogan's whiich means about $9.50 an hour :( still, more than I'm making now. I'm going to see if I can get manager *laugh* She knows nothing. NOTHING! and she says 'hampster' (but spells it right) and 'mullet' for 'millet' and she tells all customers that bettas live in mud puddles in the wild. Yeah...ok.

I'm going to bring my camera to school next week or go to my dad's with my laptop or something. Cause I got a pretty new fish and I want to show him off. And a budgie. He's blue.
Tags: animals: fish, work: doogan's

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