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I have four pictures of Dave. He didn't particularly like me being in his face with my camera seeing as the flash is like daylight and all, but hey, here he is.

He was on the phone with his brother. This is also the dirtiest look I've ever gotten from him and it's not even that bad (his eyes aren't cooperating with it). Yeah, he has a hair tie around his wrist. His hair goes into the most Japanese ponytail ever.
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I don't think this one's great, but I took ten and these four are the best. Ok, I took 20.
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I threw the pillow at him
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And I finally told him to try to look decent. All he could do was laugh.
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And that's Dave. This post was mostly for Linda, cause she's far away and asked me if he was cute and I told her he looks like a pirate (but not while wearing a red Hilfiger shirt)
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