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15th Sep, 2004

so i clicked on all the little blurbs about the personality disorders. they were all DEAD on. turns out im pretty high on two conflicting disorders. that definitely means im crazy. CRAZY LIKE A FOX
im sitting in my computers class (2 hours gone, one to go) and im hungry, bored, and tired. im definitely having poutine today while i wait for sherry. then i will go home and nap with the two kitties.
whats everyone doing on halloween? cause im gonna stay at home and give out candy witht the two kitties. they are dark and friendly and they will love halloween, i love the two kitties. if i were to get another kitty, would i have a herd? i had a herd of stuffed cows (theres only one left. they all went mad so i gave them to the diabetes association :D happy) does three kitties constitute a herd? anyway, back to halloween. i dont know if i wanna have people over cause of the jerks downstairs and the giving out candy thing, but ive got a month and a half left to decide ( i need that).

christina: the unintelligible word in my comment to ur entry is "they're" not whatever i typed