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wild-growing toast is necessary

I have now lived in this house for a month and a half, closer to two months.
I still have no idea where we keep the bread and I'm too embarassed to ask.
How do things like this happen to me?

[edit]On the other hand, Lucky Charms are far superior to toast. Unfortunately, I must have them with milk, thus ensuring I have a most uncomfortable night at work.

[edit again] This is, without a doubt, the most terrible bowl of Lucky Charms I have ever had. It's stale, but the marshmallows are MUSH. But I can't bring myself to throw it out. But I also can't eat it.

[one last edit] I totally ate the entire bowl. It was disgusting. Thank you for tuning in.


( 2 spoke — Orate )
18th Aug, 2006 23:50 (UTC)
the Lucky Charms post!

Good to see you today. Dave is funny.
19th Aug, 2006 00:05 (UTC)
He's a riot! I always laugh my butt off around him. Really, though, you should have seen the ridiulous way he ate fries.
( 2 spoke — Orate )