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I slept for five hours. Mabye 5.5 hours. Tops.

Yesterday was a pretty fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants day: Let's go to NF and buy crabs, let's do something at my dad's house that the neighbours would find apalling if they looked in the windows, can't go to Emily's? Bring everyone to Tori's and make it a night of laughter! Fuzz, Oranges, Gila Monsters, Babies, Jimmy's Family and a High School Bathroom, Swiss Cheese, Geishas, Ninjas, Oprah Winfrey, Oral Surgery. I can't remember other good ones right now. Ridiculous things were said (including Tori's classic "Well, Oranges are quiet") and we had a 3v3 match of who is better: Batman or Superman. And we used that arguement as an element of the game, with Dave putting Superman on something insulting when I had to read the cards. Hysterical. My lunatic moment of the night was when Jimmy had to judge 'sultry' and I put 'Babies' down and laughed so hard immediatly afterwards that I was about to cry. When Jimmy exclaimed "OK WHO PUT IN BABIES?!" I lost it and cried all over the place. It was really too bad the card didn't say 'Turkeys', I think I may have died.

My new hermit crabs are beautiful. One is blue and is named Bruno (an Englishized way to say 'buruno' which is 'blue' in Japanese) and the other is a fairly normal-coloured one that I have named Stampy. Yes, after the elephant on The Simpsons. Pictures will come when I get my batteries charged.

Oh my god, I just realized Dave is an immigrant. I'm so teasing him.
Tags: animals: crabs, craziness, friends

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