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Your “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” Identity
by arista_aturi
Your Name:
What You Are:Wererat
Your Strength(s):“My master is all the strength I need.”
Your Love Interest:Freelance Assassin
What People Call You:“Cannon fodder. What does that mean, anyway?”
Preferred Weapon(s):“Nothing I shouldn’t. Some weapons are illegal, after all…”
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Wererat? That's ridiculous...I love it. Human by day, but watch out at the full moon for I am the WERERAT and I'll chew holes in things you love!

Which X-Men Character Will Seduce You?
by emeraldblue
Your Name
Favorite Color
You will be seduced byMystique
They willtie you up
Wearinga blue Speedo
And your evening will involvea pink vibrator
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Blue speedo? Mystique? I like Mystique and all, but I think the speedo just won't do it for her (or me) but a pink vibrator...that's not exciting.

In other exciting things: I can't post comments, download ANYTHING (including msn messenger, which I had to uninstall, including watching things on ebaums world and newgrounds), or use media player on my laptop. Essentially, what I have is a $1500 Microsoft Office-running solitaire machine. How frustrating. I'm going to go cure myself with lunch. Possibly something with fries. And a burger. Or not.

I just sneezed down my tanktop. Yummy.
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