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I have to stay home tonight. Dave went to the rippers to get the naked man images out of his head. So now I'm sitting here listening to my music, playing dominoes, and being vibrated by a loud movie. I should not have had poutine earlier.
I have gone out more in the last week than I ever have in the last 5 years or so. It's sad. I feel like a huge loser staying at home when I don't have to work tomorrow. This is the first night I've stayed home in...over two weeks, I'm sure.

Loser loser loserpants
stay at home with parents

Oh yeah, I found snail shells. Two of them are natural leopard print!

According to some random guy I'm playing dominoes against, my eyes say everything about me. Like that I'm my own person. People are strange.

[edit 23:22] *twiddles thumbs* This sucks. Oh yeah, I went to get shells today. Dave came with me. I put on my Mario-mushroom shirt and went to Dave's. As I was walking up the sidewalk to his house I thought "I sure hope he's not wearing the Mario shirt he got the other day..." Sure enough, Dave was wearing his Mario shirt. It was fun feeling like a couple of dorks. He thought it was awesome....*sigh*