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Stupid Questions Old People Always Ask
1% What grade are you going into? ...fourth year of my two year college program
2% Who are your new teachers? retards
3% Who's your new homeroom teacher? homeroom's for LOSERS and NOSEPICKERS j/k
4% What's the name of your school? Niagara College of Applied Technology
5% Are you/were you excited about going back? Absolutely not
6% When is the first day of school? Probably next Monday
1% Are you in a clique? No
2% If so, does the rest of the school label your clique? n/a
3% Do you hate the popular kids? Who cares about popular? I hate em all equally
4% ... or are YOU one of the popular kids? yeah...ha. ha. never in my life
5% What grade were you in when you met your best friend? *pppphhhht noise* They've come and gone but mostly gone. I would say ninth, sxith if I can get a hold of Sarah
6% How many classes do you have with your best friend? None
7% Are you a loner at school? Mostly. Especiallythis year. I'm dreading the amount of dumb males that will try to talk to me this year
8% How many guy friends do you have? *barely keeps from cursing* who knows? at least 3
9% Girl friends? 4? 5?
10% About how many friends would you say you make each year? .5
11% About how many do you lose each year? 1.5
12% Have you ever been in a fist fight with a friend while at school? nuh uh

1% Do you spend a lot of time studying? never once
2% Do you need to study? Or are you good at memorizing things? You can't study for English, and it's my only problem course
3% What class do you get the highest grades in? accounting/math
4% The lowest? English (bouquet_ofpills, I'm totally opposite of you)
5% Do you ever cheat on a test? yep
6% If so, did you get caught? No
7% Have you ever let anyone cheat off of your test? probably
8% If so, did you get caught? nope
9% What's the best grade you've ever gotten on an assignment or test? uh, perfect is pretty good for me
10% The worst? 34 in first year college English.
11% What's the best grade you've ever gotten on your report card? 94, in music, i think i may have gotten a 97 in gr 12 applied math
12% The worst? 34 in english
13% Have you ever needed a tutor? no
14% Or have you ever tutored anyone? ive helped people out plenty of times
15% Are you one of those people that freak out if they get a C on a test? oh yeah
16% Or are you one of those people that are suprised if they can even scrape a C? no

Past Years
1% How old were you when you went to kindergarden? JK, 4
2% Did you cry on the first day? oh yeah, my mom dressed me in hot pink
3% What school did you go to last year? NCAT
4% Describe your worst first-day-of-school memory. college sucks
5% Just pick any random memory that happened during school hours that still makes you blush. hahaha, no thanks, its a secret
6% Who were your favorite teachers in elementary school? ahhh, Brucato, what a wonderful woman and French teacher
7% Have you ever been suspended from school? No, but its been close
8% Do you still have some of your second-grade artwork displayed on the fridge? no, its in a memories book
9% Whats your best memory at school? probably one of the million times i laughed so hard my stomach hurt
10% Ever skipped school? If yes, were you caught? What were the consequences? SKip all the time. Caught? I TOLD my mom when I wasn't going.
11% What's the worst thing you've gotten in trouble for at school? not handing stuff in, im not a bad kid
12% Have you ever thrown up in the hallway or something? never thrown up at shcool
13% Describe your typical day of school. Drive to school, sit in class trying not to be hysterical, drive home
Crushes <33333
1% Do you remember your first ever crush? If yes, who was it? I remember a kid in grade two named jimmy haas
2% Why did you like him? he was crazy
3% Do you still find him attractive now? i probably would, i have a pic of him from grade 2 and he was a cute kid
4% Have you ever been on a date with this first love of yours? No
5% How many crushes would you say you go through in an average school year? .25
6% Who all did you crush on in the 4th grade? haha, that was my first year at FEPS, NO ONE
7% Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
8% Did the teacher show any signs of liking you back? probably not
9% Did you and the teacher go out on an illegal date? stop talking
10% Were you caught? omg, kill you
11% What do you normally do to catch your crush's eye? nothing, they all pretty well ignored me
12% Who did you like last year? lol, DAVE and sometimes Dan
13% Do you still like them now? no, but i try to be nice
14% Has anyone ever asked you to a dance (grinding/slow dances)? know waht? i dont think so
15% Or have you ever asked? no
16% Whenever you were little, what was your method for making your crush fall for you? is this twisted or what?
17% Has a guy ever slipped a sweet note in your locker? Or a valentine? our lockers at FESS didn't work like that. theres many a piece of folded paper still stuck in the vents of the metal lockers

1% Do you have the bad habit of always losing your pencils? no
2% Have you ever thrown a retainer away in the cafeteria's trash can? no, we didnt have cafeterias in elementary school
3% Do you even bother with a binder? oh yeah
4% Is your locker: a) nice and roomy, or b) small and cramped? small college locker
5% Do you have a gym locker? no
6% Do you share your regular locker with anyone? i CANT its TOO SMALL
7% Have you ever taken anything out of the lost and found, even if it wasn't yours? no
8% Is your cafeteria food actually kind of okay? its alright, but the price could use some toning down
9% Did you ever karate-chop the soda-machine in the cafeteria because it refused to give you a drink? i kick stuff
10% What's your locker combination? ....19-37-57...i dont know, i just use it
11% What sports do you play? No
12% What clubs are you in? none
13% Does your gym teacher scare the crap out of you? i hate high school
14% Have you ever faked illness to get out of gym class? no, thats just dumb
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