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Alright, 6 hours down, 6 to go. Can I handle it? I'm not tired yet. Holding up well, in fact. I can't think of anything to do offhand. I have no sound, so I can't watch videos and whatnot. I may or may not attempt a 5 hour binge of dominoes.

[edit] 2h15m left. I think I can handle it. I've done a few things wrong, but that's because I hadn't been told certain things. I would like to not be here anymore. I feel like I've been here ALLL DAYYY. Becasue I have,mostly.

[edit] 0h27m left. I'm gonna make it! Now I have to start my day: go home, catch a nap, call my mom up and find out whats going on/is it ok if dave tags along, find her birthday card (it's a mean nasty happy 40th one!), call Dave and remind him to bring coins (highly dependent on a previous statement, although I'm pretty sure I already asked my mom. I just messaged Dan with a number to get hold of my mom. They always liked each other. I'm not going to be able to sleep.