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*sings* A ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha!! I got a phone call at 7.30. It was my ex-manager from Doogan's. She is the manager at Petcetera (big mistake) and she was calling on behalf of the franchisee (store owner) to see if I could go in for an interview at 3 today. OF COURSE I CAN!
See, I sent my resume in via e-mail on Saturday. Figuring NF is a big place and all, I really didn't want to go to the open-house-stlye resume drop-off on the weekend. Does anyone remember Great Wolf Lodge? Yeah, and pet stores get the most resumes handed in a year, I swear. So, I fully didn't expect an answer, but I have been rigorously checking my email for signs. I guess Lena was going through them (managers pick the interviewees) and saw me! YAY! I'm very confident that I'll get it. I'll need very little training besides policies and conduct. All I wonder about is if they'll make me dye my hair a solid colour...beh, we'll cross that bridge when it comes. *crosses metaphorical bridge* I'm probably gonna dye it all black anyway.
Yeah, so, very excited at the wrong time of day. I'm gonna be all wired until I get there...then I'll get nervous. Luckily, my brain takes over and kicks me out when I get into interview situations. I probably wouldn't have jobs otherwise.
Enough babble, must try to sleep more. Then clean myself up a bit.

[edit 10:07] *dances* How am I going to concentrate in school today? A hilarious comic that will keep me in a silly mood all day.
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