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Stroke of luck?

Interesting story I have today. It happened yesterday.
Background information: there was a transport accident on the highway between Mcleod and Lyon's Creek, thing went through the guardrail and burst into flame. On the way to school I thought 'that better be cleaned up when I come back.' Then borrrrrrring 3 hours of computers.
Actual Story: I call my boyfriend when I get out of class 'monkey, I'm comin home now, throw a pizza in the oven so we can eat together when I get home.' then him: 'awwww, monkey, I miss you so much. See you in a bit. I love you.' 'ok I love you' So I'm all excited to get home and actually eat a meal with him for once. They were still cleaning up the transport truck (rebuilding the guardrail) so I had to get off the highway and go down Montrose toward home and attempted to get back on the highway at Netherby. Car was chugging and I had passed the gas station (my new fuel pump doesn't get to all the gasd in my tank. I used to be able to go below E) so I pulled over and poured some water in my coolant thing (the check engine light comes on when I'm below an eighth and that cures it). Get back on the highway and I can barely make it up to 100 km/h. I get almost to Bowen Rd exit and my car stalls, so I pull over and turn my hazards on. Car won't start. So I'm stuck at the bottom of a bridge near the entrance to an off-ramp...BAD. I waved down the next car that came by (very pretty blue) and inside is a guy with a long blond ponytail wearing a dirty white tshirt and black sweatpants (let me tell you now that he was commando...there was nothing holding him back). Luckily enough he had a cellphone and even pushed my car over the bridge with me sitting in it so that I wouldn't get slammed by oncoming traffic. He got one of his buddies to bring me some gas and it took a bit to get started (my car was parked on the grass on a slant and the gas wasn't getting to the pump) then he made me go to the nearest gas station (the truck stop on Gilmore for you Fort Erie people) and followed me there. I DIDN'T HAVE MY BANK CARD HOW EMBARRASSING! So he gave me a 20, pumped my gas and asked for a receipt. When I told him I wanted to pay him back he said 'I made $941 000 last year, do you think I'm going to miss that $20?' ok MILLIONAIRE. Then he told me to just help out the next person that needs it. And drove off.
I ended up behind him at the intersection and he parked his car and walked to my window (this is the good part) 'You said you were in an accounting program?' Yep, after he'd asked me about my books. 'When you graduate, contact me about a position. My website is' OK!
So, working for a millioinaire right out of college. Um, sounds good! So I drove home thinking about how lucky I was that I had run out of gas THEN and he was such a nice help[ful millionaire.
End of Story: Monkey is mad when I walk in the door cause the pizza got cold waiting for me (I had called him from the gas station). So I explained EVERYTHING (in greater detail) and he thinks it's good. Hmm, even if I don't like fords, I'd get a mustang if I had some sort of company discount!

And I'm hungry. All I've had today is yogurt.
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