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I learned a couple of things when I went to pick Dan up,

  1. clark made a smelly poo
  2. my keys had mangled themsleves into a big wad and were very hard to use
  3. i was very tired and didnt know how to turn on my headlights

i get home with him and he makes food, which he set on a VERY unstable stack of boxes by his computer, which the kitten then knocked over....rice everywhere. so he got mad and knocked HER food everywhere

im sure she got the message


( 2 spoke — Orate )
6th Aug, 2004 15:45 (UTC)
cause a kittens mind would understand that. yes.
8th Aug, 2004 04:29 (UTC)
yeah, it made tons of sense. but as we all know, guys are not complicated creatures. and kittens arent smart. i yelled at them for spilling each others fod though, so i won in the end
( 2 spoke — Orate )