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29th Sep, 2006

Great, got Sims 2 finally and working! *big smile and double thumbs-up*
Mostly. *stony glare*
Had to download a no CD crack for it because it doesn't play off an illegal copy. Turns out one of the faults of the crack is you can't use the build mode. That's just infuriating.
My dad, when he found out, just shrugged and said 'oh well'.
So I guess I'm off to see if there's a patch or perhaps a crack that actually WORKS. Problem is, lots of people will write that it's a crack that actually works. I downloaded such a crack and the person I DLed it from is a LIAR.
*runs away to cry in a corner*



( 5 spoke — Orate )
30th Sep, 2006 00:24 (UTC)
This is because people are made from evil. Squishy evil.

Good luck on finding a working crack! I'll keep my eye out for ya.

...wow, taken out of context, that previous sentence sounds REALLY, REALLY bad.
30th Sep, 2006 00:46 (UTC)
I just spent 45 minutes looking for a working one and I'm probably going to end up doing what I did before: DL it as an image and permanently mount it on Daemon Tools. Because, apparently, the only site with a working patch doesn't exist anymore.
Hard work, pirating.
1st Oct, 2006 01:24 (UTC)
................SIMS is evil.
5th Oct, 2006 14:25 (UTC)
My pockets hurt.
6th Oct, 2006 14:16 (UTC)
*sigh* I'm assuming you're someone who may know me but doesn't have an LJ account. If so, let me know who you are, as I hate anonymous(e) posters.
If you have an LJ account, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE'S EARS please sign in when commenting. It's hard for me to find anonymous comments.
( 5 spoke — Orate )