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Why me?

Here's the fun...
I thought my biggest worry today was getting gas in my car on the way to work. Then my biggest worry was putting 24 feet of product in a 6-foot section. Then my biggest worry was staying until 10 when I was supposed to leave at 9. THEN my biggest worry was the kid who hit my car in the parking lot just as I walked out of the store. It happened like this: I was walking out of the store and I heard the plasticy-crunch sound of a car getting hit. Just as I was recognizing the sound, I saw a car with its back end stuck in my front passenger wheel well. I'm so mad that I had to work late.
His father was teaching him to park. By one of the only three cars in a mostly deserted mall parking lot. Because there were lights on in the lot.
I had to call my stepmother to come pick me up, as I will pop my tire if I drive. I have school tomorrow, I wish to see Dave, I have to buy pants at work. I need my car.
The poor kid that hit my car looked like he wanted to dig a hole in the ground, he was so embarassed. So I was nice about it and so were they. I even offered them cookies, but when I went to open my passenger door, it wouldn't open. That's Dave's door. He won't be happy.
Tags: craziness, rants

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