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11th Oct, 2006

Just got back from getting my car from work. My dad bashed in my fender so I could drive to the body shop. Lucky for me, I'm able to drive the car until the body shop can get to it, but I won't be having any front-seat passengers unless they want to climb over my shifter. My dad took pics. If he sends them to me, I'll post them. 'Cause then you can see that it doesn't look like a lot, but will cost at least $500.
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What's that, Clark? You want the glasses, too?
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He didn't have a problem with the ears, he actually was walking around with them on, which is how I got the first one. Then I threw the glasses on him. Get him a kitty-sized car and he's ready to go! I giggled like mad doing this to him. I'm so posting this in cat communities for his embarassment. :D I love Clark.

I miss Dave. I haven't seen him since 330 Sunday morning when I left.

[edit at 11:23h] Rob, Clark is my Tanksgiving tank. Because he's a tank (you can only sorta tell in the pics, but think of how big the kitty ears and glasses are compared to me). So there is my tank to give everyone for Tanksgiving, Clark.


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11th Oct, 2006 19:41 (UTC)
Wow. he /is/ big. Like some sort of battlecat. Clark the Cool Battlecat. Mellow, too, if he puts up with that! My cat (who didn't escape my parents with me) was a feisty, destructive demon in feline form.
11th Oct, 2006 21:39 (UTC)
He wasn't neutered until he was full-grown, being a rescued alley-cat. I'm the only one allowed to embarass him. Next to my bf, I'm his favourite.
14th Oct, 2006 01:01 (UTC)
Amazing, absolutely amazing. I may never be able to look at him the same way again.
16th Oct, 2006 11:20 (UTC)
Dave!? *hug*
28th Nov, 2006 02:17 (UTC)
poor poor clark... i feel so bad for him! i think you need to get him a new snake!
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