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18th Oct, 2006

Old man singing def lepard and ozzy osbourne, best night out says:
only ur car is better :D
(\/)ii(\/) Robyn >^..^< says:
except some doorknob crushed in my wheel well last week and today i hit a rock

You know, it somehow seems funnier when I say it like that.

Today marks the 6th celebration and 5th anniversary of EFB. I'll be celebrating. Please don't think of me until after you are done celebrating. Should I have buttons made up? Hats? Shirts? I'd wear it all.

I'm going to my room to relax while playing Sims 2. Maybe I'll build a house with a basement.


( 4 spoke — Orate )
18th Oct, 2006 04:09 (UTC)
Enter From Behind Day...?
19th Oct, 2006 18:05 (UTC)
I made it up in grade 10. More accuratly, I was sitting in my usual spot at the lunch table with my agenda in front of me and declared that day (oct 18) Enter From Behind Day. Then I created a religion around it. Somewhat. I am Jevus, and i_bleed_magenta is Movus. It was all craziness back then, you see.
18th Oct, 2006 10:04 (UTC)
hehe happy enter from behind day!
18th Oct, 2006 11:53 (UTC)
hehehe is Enter From Behind Day your own creation?
( 4 spoke — Orate )