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Dear preppy retards:
It is 5 degrees outside. If you continue to insist on wearing flip-flops, I will take it as my civic duty to stomp on your toes and heels.
You dumb morons.
Sincerely, Robyn.

Dear groupmates from ENGL1340 and ENGL1445:
I really am trying to do my work. Interrupting me (and, consequently, the rest of the group) to ask me about my driver's licence, male strippers, tattoos, shoes (or any other articles of clothing), where I go on weekends, and other superficial things, is not appreciated. We could all get better marks if you would shut up and do your portion.
Sincerely, Robyn.

Dear classmates of same classes:
Is it really so freaking hard to turn the sound off on your cell phones? Even to vibrate? Next time I hear your phone ring while I am in class, I will insist on answering it with 'The ignorant person you just called is in class and has been so since September' just before I fling the phone out to the parking lot two stories below.
Sincerely, Robyn
Tags: rants, school

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