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Kitchen table is GREAT. I decorated it for Halloween. I feel all festive now. Speaking of festive, I'm carving pumpkins for Halloween, and Dan's idea is to have his two/three friends over and two/three of my friends over and we ALL carve pumpkins together! and eat pumpkin seeds. Mmmm. Does anyone else like playing in pumpkin guts? I think it's funny. Are they fruit or veg? Pumpkin carving won't take place till the week, two weeks before the big weekend, so let me know and we can go look for pumpkins and snacks. And if anyone's not doing ANYTHING Halloween night, I'm giving out candy and wouldn't mind a costumed freak alongside me. Only if you don't have other plans.

I went to Walmart for the Halloween stuff, and they have CHRISTMAS stuff out. Not much, just little embroideries and knick-knacks. I hate Christmas. Pretty soon, Christmas stuff is going to come out with the back to school stuff and people will plug in their ugly icicle lights in Spetember. *shudder*

Otherwise, I'm off to stuff my face and read The Lost World (yay dinosaurs!)


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