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Just for Dave, I present Al Qaida, a family man.
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*giggles uncontrollably* He was so much fun to make. I gave him 0 nice points, but he's active and outgoing to make up for it. Kristy will be having a child with him ASAP. Wait another week when Hafty Pants and Brian and Lena Carlaw (my manager) come out.
Oh good times were had this morning uninstalling Pets so that I could run the original game again. I desparately need a Pets no cd crack.
Before anybody says anything, YES I've been doing my homework! I did a 12% one just now, and I've got another one of those to do and I just have to finish the 20% one for my other course. I don't think I'll pass 1445, but I'm gonna try anyway. I'm off to research it and throw it all together.
Tags: randomosity, school, sims 2

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