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90 Questions
1. What are your initials? RMF
2. Does your printer print fast & well? Yeah, actually, when the black cartridge works.
3. Do you have shoes on? nope
4. Are there any lights on in the room? thelamp over my mouse, my dads lamp, and the overhead tracklighting
5. How many days of school left do you have? *shrug* 75?
6. What are you going to do right when you get out of school? Get out of this area
7. Are you going to be sad that you are leaving? school? no this area? no
8. What was your last entry about? last night/this morning
9. In the last IM you sent, what did you say? i found a parachute guy still all folded up
10. What is your favorite crayon? candy apple red (i had a crayon named that)
11. Have you ever gone streaking in the winter? no
12. What time did you go to bed last night? I didn't go to bed last night. I went to ave's bed around 2 this morning and my own bed at 4.30
13. Are any of your great grandparents still alive? unless you count steps
14. What era do you wish you lived in? pleistocene
15. If you were stranded in the forest, what would you do? climb a tree and scream my fool head off
16. What is your layout of? chose generator, with personalized colours
17. Have you ever thought of where the world ends? fort erie, next question
18. What exercise equipment do you own? a jump rope :D
19. Are you wearing a watch? no, i lost it
20. What brand is your shirt? which one? illpick my ractrack shirt, in which case Fruit of the Loom
21. Are your toenails painted? yes, chrome. Dave calls them the chromatoes
22. Are you going to take a shower after this? no, ill do it tomorrow after work
23. How many stories is your house? its a Split level. a split basement and a split upstairs. so two?
24. Have you ever shocked yourself? nope. I'm unshockable
25. Have you been hit by lightning? No
26. Have you ever been swimming while it was raining? yes, then dave, tam, and tiff made me get out of the lake
27. Do you usually tan or burn? neither
28. Have you ever been in a tanning salon? no thanks
29. What kind of surveys do you like to take? these ones, where i can be snarky and witty
30. Have you ever flashed a guy? yeah
31. Have you ever given out your # to some random person? iguess
32. What do you think about online dating? useful in its own way
33. Are you scared of the dark? for the most part
34. Do you ever study? never
35. Do you say that you will never raise your kids like your parents raise you? no. nothing good has come from the way i was raised.
36. How many kids do you want? some, i suppose
37. Are you scared of giving birth? ...yes
38. Do you think you're annoying? yes
39. When was the last time you were extremely sick? i have never been extremely sick
40. What is your favorite kind of underwear? brazilian cut panties...oooooh aaaahhhh
41. Do you wish Xanga had forums? xanga....?
42. Have you met anyone on Xanga?
43. Would you date someone more than 10 years older than you? id be dting a 31 yo...and thats not cool
44. Where are you planning on living when you get older? NOT HERE MY GOD
45. Have you ever been to the Naval Academy? no
46. Do you know your family history? on my moms side, but we're still unsure of our native ancestry, wich we think is metis...i dont even know my dads dad, bt im told he was short
47. Do you like to make lots of screennames & link them all together? WHAT? thats retarded
48. What is the most overused smiley? o.O, athough it rocks
49. What is the most overused word? gem...ask me later
50. Do you like the movie "Napoleon Dynamite"? not really. and i corrected the puntuaton error in this uestion. question mark OUTSIDE the quotation, please. Italics is prefered when typing.
51. Would you ever name your kid Napoleon? no, i get enough frog jokes
52. Do you own a beanbag chair? i used to
53. What magazines do you get? none.
54. Do you wear a lot of hemp? uh, none?
55. Do you play handball? no
56. Do you find yourself daydreaming a lot? yeah, i blank out from it
57. What is your home football team? we dont have a home team
58. What is your home basketball team? See above
59. When was your last shave? yesterday
60. What parts of your body do you shave? pits, shins, knees, pubes, unibrow
61. Do you like open or enclosed areas? enclosed
62. Do you like being alone or around a lot of people? alone, people make me nervous
63. Do you think what type of music a person listens to says a lot about them? it does, but many people have extremely varied tastes
64. Will you have a job over the summer? hopefully
65. What was your last search online? apple snail eggs or marine fish care
66. Do you own a poodle? god no
67. Type whatever word comes to your mind. cheeseball
68. Close your eyes & grab something. What is it? the stand that the monitor is sitting on
69. Try to describe feet in as many words as you can. at the end of your legs away from your head, you will see these flappy things with weird fingers. the flappy thing (your foot) is attached to your leg with a hinge called an ankle. the weird fingers on the flappy things are our toes. you need all of your toes for walking. the bottom of your foot is very snstiv and has the thickest skin of your entire body. The bottom should be arched along the inside and flat against the ground on the outside.
70. Do you have a dirty mind? on occassion
71. Do you have a maid? mystepmom works
72. Do you make your bed every morning? *igh* yes, so i can get init and mess it up again at night
73. What day of the week is your favorite? wednesday, for some reason
74. Would you be capable of making your own survey? nah, i suck....wait, didnt i make a realy weird one that one time? id love to see it if anyone has it
75. How long have you been online? on and off (mostly off) since 12.30
76. Does your best friend annoy you? *shrug*
77. Is there someone you don't talk to but wait online for them all the time? uh, kinda
78. What is your definition of "love"? Once again, that grammar error. I define love as finding someone you are entirely and ultimately extremely comfortable with that understands the little weirdnesses in your mind. This person has to accept you for whatever you are and may become. You love theperson that fits that descripton. At least, you feel an overwhelming need to be around that person. And that is love.
79. Do you find your life fascinating? absolutely not
80. Name one person. ME cause im the only one that matters
81. Why did they come to your mind? cause im sittin right here
82. What kind of cake do you like? sponge...mmmmmm
83. Do you sing in the car? ALL THE FEAKING TIME
84. Has anyone ever caught you picking you nose? im sure of it
85. What toppings do you put on your ice cream? rainbow sprinkles and chocolate syrup no matter what flavour it is
86. What word is shorter when you add 2 letters to it? ...short when you add 'er'
87. How many situps can you do in a minute? .25
88. Type whatever lyrics come to your head. If I knew what she was ealin ot, I'd have dealt her BACK! She's got the jack...
89. Have you ever fallen down the stairs? hey, does everyone remember the big bruises i had on my shins? they're permanent dents. and the time i fell down the stairs while holding Clark?
90. What 2 colors are best together? easily purple and orange. although purple and black rock. blue and red
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