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I would have taken a TON, but my batteries did from the ton I already took. Hard to type with Cleo licking my thumbs and laying on my arms.
This is the tree I park under at home.
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Same tree, different angle. *waves at car* hi, car!
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I was on my way to work again. This is the Lyons Creek exit. I was looking left and noticed the roadside scrub with the pre-sunset glining off it.
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These are all from two days ago. Fort Erie actually looks pretty right now with everything iced over and the sun shining. I'll have to take a walk around the Waverly with my camera.

Funny Cleo thing: Aftr I was done typing the above post, I wnt to chek on the fireplace, which entailed me kneeling, but not sitting, on the floor, the tops of my feet flat on the floor. Where did Cleo stand? With her front paws on my right ankle and her back ones on my left calf. Strange, strange cat.


( 2 spoke — Orate )
17th Jan, 2007 15:20 (UTC)
that second one is beautiful
17th Jan, 2007 16:17 (UTC)
I'm obsessed with that one! I took a minute to get the sun in the right spot and tweak my settings, but I'm really happy with what came of it. Feel free to yank it for whatever reason you choose, my pics are for everyone.
( 2 spoke — Orate )