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Rat's nest takes a literal turn

I did have one awesome thing happen at work today.
I was selling a mouse, and was holding her to demonstrate how nice she was. I let her crawl all over my chest and up my arm where she chilled on my shoulder. As I answered questions, she crept under my hair and walked around on the back of my neck. She then took the opportunity to crawl up the back of my head and make a nest in my hair. She had to be extracted, holding tight even in midair, by a coworker while children screamed and ran away. :D I like friendly mice.
Yes, I consider this awesome. Make of it what you will.

PS->I have a pimple in my left eyebrow. ?O.o?

PPS->Never mind, it seems to have gone away. It was just threatening, I guess.


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20th Jan, 2007 03:45 (UTC)
It will return, to take it's revenge. It was just on a scouting mission for the horde.
20th Jan, 2007 03:57 (UTC)
*is now profoundly frightened of the female mice at work* D:
20th Jan, 2007 12:25 (UTC)
aww! i squeed at the friendly mouse! so cute!
20th Jan, 2007 13:04 (UTC)
It isn't bad when bunnies lay on their sides, is it? I've seen them sleep and just rest like that, but I've hd a lot of customers complain saying that they've never seen a rabbit do that so our rabbits must be very sick. I'm very confused, since I've never seen a rabbit that doesn't do that. I'm gonna Google, not rely entirely on one person. *runs off to google*
20th Jan, 2007 13:36 (UTC)
no, it's not bad, they're just chillin' ;) it's a bunny flop-- i hope you get to witness one actually flopping because it is the cutest thing EVER.
20th Jan, 2007 14:10 (UTC)
Oh yeah. I have witnessed MANY a bunny flop. Lops are the best cause they throw themselves down. But I must say the jersey woolie was funniest just cause his fur floofed when he did it.
The thing is, cats lay dow, dogs lay down, people lay down, horses lay down, EVERYTHING lays down so why is it that a rabbit is not allowed?
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