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25th Jan, 2007

There was supposed to be one more picture last night, but I forgot to take it. See if you can find the funny (besides the fact that they spelled 'maribou' wrong).
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Shouldn't have taken you very long. I imagine it's supposed to be 'assorted', but Dave, his brother, and I had a great laugh over it. Looking at it, it's quite a racy list of underwear. ats because a chunk of them are racy. Please be reminded that if all that wasn't on sale, it would have cost me $80+tax. So I got a good deal.

I kept forgetting to put this one out for everyone to laugh at: On Halloween, when the group of us went to the mall, Jaclyn and I had to go pee. The bathrooms are right across from the salon and the guys were standing out in the hall talking. The hairdressers called us over to have a look and the one exclaimed (I'm not joking, here, only a hairdersser could come up with this doozy) "Wow, I thought you guys were real people!". Need I say more?
Not 'real people'
Real people
That was the night I took this set of pics:
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Philoctetes (Stinky), the blue-eyed black Netherland Dwarf with a white sripe on his head.
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RIP Stinky, you vicious little man. He died in early November, but Jaclyn didn't want to tell me so that I wasn't sad. Her mom told me Sunday. He wasn't acting like himself on a Saturday and they were going to take him to the vet on Monday. He didn't make it.

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