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Ghost hunt

If you do not believe in ghosts, then at least believe in supernatural phenomena for this story. Last night, I went to Drummond Hill Cemetery, Blue Ghost Tunnel, Screamer's Tunnel, and Totem Park.

This story is full of Wicca, ghosts, and other things not normally in one of my LJ entries.
Dave and I wanted something exciting to do yesterday and I had talked to Jaclyn the night before. We went to Jaclyn's, mourned Stinky, they drank St John's Wort tea, and we sat down to discuss what to do. Jaclyn and Dave wanted to go ghost-hunting (I actually think I have a tag for that) and I figured I'd call Kristy (cursed_believer) to come along, since she's like a target for supernatural things, but we'd get her once we got to St Catharines. Jaclyn (Wiccan for 6 years) busted out lavender oil to attract ghosts and various power stones for protection. I'm very susceptible to the emotions of ghosts, so I declined the lavender oil and carried around a piece of onyx. I had forgotten O-BOS at home with my personal protection stones in it, but I won't forget next time.
We went to Burger King, since the last thing I need is to feel like crap with no food in me. We talked about the places we would like to visit. First up, Drummond Hill Cemetery, which Dave had previously had heard whispering voices and felt light touches on his skin while being there completely alone. We drove over and steeled ourselves in the car before getting out. Walking past the gate, I felt pressure, but it wasn't until the very first gravemarker (3 feet away) that I felt like I was going through a wall. I just felt pressure, but it sort of went away. Jaclyn and Dave were on either side of me and felt the same thing. The feeling stayed with them. We saw a tree, a very creepy, gnarly tree up ahead and they wanted to go past it. I wanted to touch it. I felt sadness and despair. Something was sad near that tree. We stopped in front of it and I took my mittens off, prepared myself mentally, and put my shield up (Jaclyn confirmed it was in working order and had been up since we got in). I felt such despair walking up to that tree, but nothing compared to when I touched it and absorbed a little of what pain it had. I opened my eyes directly onto a gravestone that read 'Morrison' and had no doubt as to whose soul was trapped in the tree. I transferred the energy off to Jaclyn, who recoiled at my touch.
Going deeper in, Dave and Jaclyn were getting very uneasy and were beginning to see people all around, but always out of the corners of their eyes. The Laura Secord Monument (which I only found out she was buried there fromthe link I provided above) seemed to be a powerhouse of energy. I became very unsettled while we walked and asked Jaclyn how big whatever was behind me was. She turned around, hissed (I'm serious), and said it was a tall man. Dave was in front of us. We soon turned around and left. Same pressure at the exiting gravemarker and I needed a cleanse before I got in the car because some of the spirit wall had clung to my chest and become very heavy. We tried to settle in the car while I called Kristy to get directions to her place.

At this point, I'll feel it very pertinent to mention that Jaclyn, in addition to practising Wicca, is also a Reiki Master (heals using energy), a veritable powerhouse of personal energy, and a wonderfully real and honest person. Ghost-wise, Jaclyn can see them occassionally and cow them with her magic. Dave, although not Wiccan, is also a powerhouse of energy, just not up to what Jaclyn is. He can only somewhat control it and has a hard time grounding himself off. He sees ghots mostly as flickers and dots, can hear them sometimes, and once in a while gets touched. I don't produce much energy, but I take it. I'm not Wiccan (you all should know) but I use Wicca principles to help control when I'm taking someone else's energy and for shielding pruposes. I can't see ghosts, I've never heard them, I've never been touched by them, nothing. BUT, they affect me so badly inside that I feel like I'm going to puke. The more sick I feel, the more malevolent the spirit is. I usually feel it in my stomach. Kristy is learning Wicca and will now be having Jaclyn help her along that path. Kristy also sees, hears, feels, gets touched by, and talks to ghosts. She also conveniently knows her way around St Catharines and filled us in on all the gory details of each of the ghosts and spirits we encountered. Everyone has the power of their own energy and would be well-advised to learn to harness it. Helps you balance, I promise.

After driving up to get Kristy, she suggested we go to the Blue Ghost Tunnel first. This is when I found out that it's one of the scariest haunted places around this area. Before we left, we got Jaclyn to rub lavender on Kristy and I. I knew it would just enhance the experience. The lavender didn't smell like anything and none of us were wearing any noticeable scents. We went to Wal-mart and picked up glowsticks, as much for seeing as for us to see one another. We car-raved the whole night. As we got to where we had to get out of the car for a 15-minutes walk in ankle-deep snow (I was soaked and freezing by the end of thie night), we saw a car that we thought was security...but it was spinning its tires on a slushy incline. Jaclyn and Kristy hopped out to offer help. Dave and I joined and the guys in the car were free. They offered us a couple hits of their joint (we all declined) for the assisstance and thanked us a number of times. I parked my car near the entrance and we all started walking.
The walk was fine, if a bit cold. It seemed to take forever to get where we were going, especially when Dave had to stop to pee. There was definitely a sense of ....creepy. The moon was wondeful, on the other hand. We looked up at it and noticed that the thin cloud cover gave it a halo.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Except that it didn't show up in the pic. What you will notice in the picture are few stars that made it through the clouds and two faint white orbs that weren't visible while we all looked up for the taking of the picture. We thought maybe snow was falling off the trees in the slight breeze. More walking and Kristy filling us in on the history of the area. An insurance fraud here, a murder there. We came to a pile of timbers that I fould it impossible to look at without feeling twinges in my chest. It was one intimidating woodpile. Turns out, they were the timbers that used to be on the floor in the tunnel and Kristy mentioned the ghost of a little boy sitting on top. We had to walk past the pile to get to the tunnel. I felt fine until I crested a small hill before the steep decline of the terrain. I thought I was going to puke at that little hill and asked if we had just crossed something. Kristy said we had crossed the threshold into the haunted area. We were all having a hard time walking up to the tunnel entrance. Jaclyn yelled out something, clenched her fists, unclenched her fists, and stated that it was ok to continue on, she had convinced the blue ghost that we were benign. I noticed a difference in Jaclyn and said so to her. She said yes, she was chanelling Apollo (she has a very strong affiliation to Apollo). We all timidly walked up to the entrance, me feeling very queasy and Kristy pulling out her camera. She turned it on, focused (sort of), the flash went off and she yelled 'HEY! My batteries just died! I charged them!' and we all started jabbering about how awesome it would be if the batteries worked when we got back to her house. It was not snowing, nor was it windy. All of us were standing behind Kristy for this picture so that we didn't get in the shot.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You can obviously see the most prominent white orbs. If you can see the doorway, there is an orb at the bottom of it that showed up blue on the cam's screen. That was apparently where the blue lady's ghost was standing for the picture. And trust me, we know it wasn't windy or snowing. We made sure of it for when the time came to see the pic. Plus, most of those smaller orbs showed up all kinds of different colours on the cam's screen. Blues, reds, and greens that all changed to different colours when we zoomed in on the pic later. Awesome, amazing, scary picture. After the camera fiasco, we decided to go in together. Kristy couldn't go past the first half foot inside the door and waited outside for us. Jaclyn was in 6 feet, Dave behind her, and I was only 3 feet in when we all stopped because they heard a noise, Dave felt a touch on his face, and Jaclyn was slapped on hers. Clutching our glowsticks, we all turned to face the depths of the tunnel and I heard Dave and Jaclyn mumbling about a green light they were seeing. As I turned to look for it, hoping to see a ghostly light, I got a surprise: I couldn't see it. Instead, I saw in the back left corner, far down the tunnel, a blue woman wearing what looked like a nightgown. The intense feelings of sadness and despair that I had upon approaching and entering the tunnel deepened and disappeared. I asked Dave and Jaclyn to look in that direction, knowing they would see her, but they didn't, and their green light was gone. When I looked back to the apparition, it was gone. The far end of the tunnel was black. So what had I seen? No time to think as we all hurried out at Kristy's call. Jaclyn and Dave noticed me being very calm and staring at the moon. Kristy traded my yellow glowstick for her red one, as mine had flickered black. They let me calm myself with the Halo Moon's rays and we started the trek back to the car.
We chattered on the way back. We described what we had seen in the tunnel for Kristy and she said that the green (or any coloured) light in the tunnel is common and most people see it, but everyone was surprised at the description of my encounter in the tunnel. What I had described perfectly matched the Blue Ghost, a rare apparition. I was afraid about what that might mean, but Kristy and Jaclyn both assured me that she had appeared to show that she would protect me. As I'm typing this, I'm filled with feelings of awe. I can't get over my very first ghost sighting. I'll go back with my camera when it gets warmer out. As we were discussing future plans to come back and where we were going next, Kristy fell. Just, toppled over on her back. I said 'Jaclyn' and she immediatly crouched down to absorb the bad energy. I took off my left mitten, grabbed the glowstick out of Kristy's hand (we had traded back),a nd placed my left hand (my taking hand) on her face to help Jaclyn. Kristy gasped out 'he's choking me' and I said 'her throat' to Jaclyn, who was focusing and hadn't heard, but quickly switche da hand to Kristy's throat. A couple minutes later, Dave and Jaclyn were helping Kristy to her feet and I started feeling like a ball of lead was in my stomach and my throat felt yucky. I had been walking ahead of Dave, but then I was stumpbling and lurching around behind him. I called Jaclyn, who helped me throw away the bad energy I had taken from Kristy. As we walked back to the car, I had to siphon energy from Jaclyn to keep my shield up. She didn't mind, she's a beacon.
The thing that had attacked Kristy followed us back to the car, but at a distance. We kept seeing it behind us, a big, dark brute stalking along the twisted, snowy pathway.
We quickly entered the car and drove away.

Our next stop was Screamer's tunnel, where a girl was raped, hanged, and burned alive by two houserobbers years and years ago. Most people report screaming when they pass through. The first thing we did was park on the train tracks that run overtop the tunnel and all of us asked permisson to enter. Kristy gave the ok to back up and I put the car in reverse and looked out my rearview, where I saw a dark, cloaked figure standing behind my car. Jaclyn said 'Don't' and I went forward to a driveway instead. There was no one behind my car. Only Jaclyn and I saw the dark figure. When we got back to the downhill intersection that leads to the tunnel's entrance, another car came pulling out and I thought I saw Steve Jacobs in the back of it (that's your humour for this entry, BTW). I couldn't even look at the tunnel as we drove by to turn around. They had to convice me that I would be ok in the tunnel before I got out of the car. Kristy went first, with a warning not to touch the walls because she sees the ghost evertyime that happens. Dave was next, watching his step on the ice and occassionally touching the wall for balance, making Kristy cringe. Jaclyn held my left hand while we went in side by side. Every time I touched the wall, I felt like I was going to scream. Something stabbed Jaclyn in her left but cheek. There was so much anguish in me in that tunnel. Jaclyn and I didn't even make it a quarter of the way through. There was no way we could make it to the middle, where the girl was actually hung and burned. (at this point I would like to inform you that someone just came on my MSN list and the noise made me jump) We turned back and sat in the car to watch Dave and Kristy push their way through. Kristy had traded me glowsticks again, since yellow gives off more light than red, and Jaclyn and I watched the two sticks wave their way throught the tunnel and go out the other end. Suddenly, they turned around and Dave almost fell. I know it was him, his green glowstick dipped. The quickly made their way back. Turns out the guardian of the tunnel had started coming after them and they needed a hasty retreat. Dave reported feeling horrible right at the middle of the tunnel. I just felt like crap.

We went back to where Kristy was staying to see about her batteries, warm up a bit, and see where to go next. We looked at the picture of Blue Ghost Tunnel and exclaimed various things. Her batteries were fine, and so was her camera, and she took this picture to test before we headed out again. Remember Jaclyn as Satan for Halloween?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Of COURSE we were feeling a little crazy after all that stuff! Kristy's poor poor boyfriend was trying to sleep and I'm afraid we woke him up with our jabbering. His roommate asked us how the Blue Ghost Tunnel adventure went and noticed I looked stunned. Jaclyn offered 'She saw the blue ghost' and he said 'Well, that would do it'.
We ended up not going to another scary place, but walking through Totem Park instead. The actual totem pole was very calming, but there was definitely some upset around it. As we alked through by the water, it seemed to be a very unsettled place and made Dave very uncomfortable. Even more so when we were leaving and a cop stopped us to ask if we had seen a single guy dressed darkly. Nope, no one but us, and we offered to call the police if we did see anyone like that. Please note, Kristy was wearning black pants, black boots, and a black coat, so add her to the picture above and we looked like a whole gang of darkly dressed people.
Kristy made soup, Jaclyn and Dave held my frozen feet, and we all watched South Park and King of the Hill. Kristy and Jaclyn traded phone numbers, I dropped Jaclyn off, and Davce and I went back to my house. He was developing a cough, so I put him straight to bed. He's still there, 12 hours and 2 cupasoups later. I told him I was going downstairs for an hour to type this up. It's taken me an hour 45 to type. I hope you enjoyed. I sure did.
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