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12th Feb, 2007

One 2-litre carton of 3.25% homogenized white milk expiry date January 30, 2007.
Finish date (to the last drop) February 12, 2007, on a glass of chocolate milk and a box of KD.
I'll pay for this later tonight.
I tried to get Clark to have a taste, but I forgot he doesn't like milk.

I was in the shower and Cleo kept pawing at her reflection in the mirror that is one of the shower doors. She would come over to the see-through parts and stare and meow at me until I opened the door to coax her in. Seran away when I dripped water on he head, but continued to alternately paw at the mirror and stare me down. When I was finished, she was sitting on the bathmat. I stood directly over her and just let all the water drip right on her. She sat there.