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Create your own Friend Test here

I'm sick, humour me. *sniff*

PS, thank you Tori for this little quizzie thing


( 7 spoke — Orate )
22nd Feb, 2007 23:37 (UTC)
ahaha i got the same as you did.

We rock.
22nd Feb, 2007 23:47 (UTC)
lol, that's awesome. I hope I mixed it up well.
22nd Feb, 2007 23:49 (UTC)
I guessed a lot!
22nd Feb, 2007 23:55 (UTC)
....what did you get?
23rd Feb, 2007 05:07 (UTC)
I don't know! It wouldn't tell me unless I registered, and then it wouldn't let me register!
23rd Feb, 2007 05:09 (UTC)
I got it to work! haha. 50%, I scored an F! >.>

Your comment of "You only know me on LJ, right?" was so accurate! ^^;
23rd Feb, 2007 05:13 (UTC)
LOL, I figured anyone that could get half might have been reading up on me. I pretty much just picked the first questions that came to my head.
The fish one was the most fun to write.
( 7 spoke — Orate )