Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse (hidden_kitten) wrote,
Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

A strange song meme brought to me by _strangedays_.
Comment and I'll give you a letter. You must then post your top ten
favourite songs beginning with that letter (not counting "A" or "The")
in your journal, and pass along letters to any who might ask.

1. Look at Me - John Lennon
2. Lady Venom - Swollen Members
3. Lordy Lordy - The Distillers
4. Like a Prayer - H2O
5. Lightning Rod - The Offspring
6. Lovely Rita Meter Maid - The Beatles
7. Love is Not Enough - Nine Inch Nails
8. The Line Begins to Blur - Nine Inch Nails
9. L.A. Girl - The Distillers
10. Little Child - The Beatles
Tags: music, quizzes/memes

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