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7th Aug, 2004

mmmm, peanut butter. everytime i eat peanut butter, my cat STARES at me. but he wont eat it. i played zoo tycoon for two hours last night...i ALWAYS run out of money. i dont think i should ever open a zoo...you know, should i get the chance to. i have to work at 3 today...i really dont want to. OMG im bored. im going to play zoo tycoon..maybe make some guests unhappy and poor. theres a cheat to use to get more money, but if you use it when you have animals, the fencing deteriorates and they escape! this isnt too bad, but i found it out when i was housing velociraptors, spinosuurs, and tyrannosaurs. not good...they ate my maintenance workers and a couple guests. not cool