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I forgot to tell you what I did last night, because it's so interesting.
Jaclyn came over and I gave her a page out of my colouring book. We sat down and coloured. We love to colour. I coloured two pictures of Wonder Woman. Now, I don't particularly like Wonder Woman, so I made her look better.

WW as Ariel.
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And my fantasy version. Framed.
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I think we were colouring for over an hour. It was great.


( 6 spoke — Orate )
31st Aug, 2007 18:33 (UTC)
Sounds like a blast!
31st Aug, 2007 23:48 (UTC)
that's pretty fantastic. I haven't coloured in a long time
1st Sep, 2007 02:16 (UTC)
go out and buy the 60-pack of Laurentiens (they're the only ones i use ever)...it makes you want to colour something FIERCE. While you're at it, pick ip a dynamic colouring book. My Justice League one is 400 pages..less now becasue i keep ripping pages out. i already have hawkgirl+batman page on the fridge (mine and daves favourites)
1st Sep, 2007 02:17 (UTC)
ps, when dave came home today he said 'did you make her into the little mermaid?!' which made me realize i did a good job.
I laugh everytime i see that one.
15th Feb, 2009 10:32 (UTC)
15th Feb, 2009 17:18 (UTC)
LOL almost
( 6 spoke — Orate )