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I already knew this, but I ask you guys to help out: sign the petition

Need more reasons?
How about here?
Or here?
Actually illegal to use in human food, Ethoxyquin is commonly found in fish and hermit crab food. It's a fungicide, and kills bugs (including hermies, I'm sad to report).
This is just a facny way to say 'chicken heads, feet and intestines', which all are indegestible and contain no nutritional value. Cat or dog eating a lot of food but not gaining weight? Poo really smelly? Check your ingredients list for this bad boy. JUST SAY NO TO BY-PRODUCTS.
I couldn't navigate the Iams site, even with the site map, but I assure you that it's crap.

Where do your euthanised pets go when you leave the clinic? Do they get buried, cremated, or even just thrown in the garbage? Nope, they get called 'meat by-prodcuts' and fed to your dogs in cheap foods.

Pet food is a subject I'm very passionate about and I urge EVERYONE to buy only quality food for their pets, whether you have a dog or a lizard. Better food=pets eat less=saved money. Clark and Cleo each eat a half a cup of food a day, and that's with Clark's tapeworm (I have to make an appointment tomorrow).
Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Pedigree, Whiskas, Friskies, Cesar, Kibbles and Bits, Sheba, Alley Cat, anything you can buy in a grocery store or Wal-Mart, ARE NOT QUALITY FOODS

Check your ingredients and your companies. Proctor and Gamble has been found to be intentionally poisoning animals in their tests so that they can dissect them to find out what happened. Guess who owns Iams/Euk? P&G

Sorry for cramming this down your throats all the time, but nothing bothers me more than 'I feed cheap food to save money'. Your pet's life is the cost.
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