September 6th, 2004

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for petes sake

I found out that my friend in college (my solitary friend after being there for eight months with humdreds of other people), Kristy, has HER three hour accounting-computer class on Friday mornings instead of Wednesday like I do. I'm going to switch to hers so I don't have any classes on Wednesdays like her. Then I can have a full day off and actually get things done! Like clean the apartment, which I'm more prone to if my life isn't boring. I clean when I'm happy, not when I have nothing to do. I also have to go and see if I can get into first term English (this isn't my first term, it's my third. We don't go by years because first year english is two terms long and the first term is a prerequisite for the second). They couldn't do it last term, it conflicted with my schedule and I WOULD NOT go to night school. I needed money then, like now. I'll have to go in the summer sometime, then.

I also have to go to H&R Block sometime this week to see if they hire accountants/bookkeepers in training. I have a feeeling I'm getting demoted on Saturday and I would like to start getting some new jobs lined up cause I am going to refuse to co-operate if I get demoted. There is NO way that I am going to get replaced by an old woman who ordered me around when I was her boss for the night. But they can't demote me, then they'll be back down to four supervisors again. Oh well. I'm gonna make a big scene when they do. I am the only supervisor that follows the rules to the letter and gets everything done without the staff hating her. People are happy to come to work when I supervise. Problem being, that's the managers' problem with me: the storefront staff likes me and management isn't supposed to be their friend. Whatever.

I'm eating the new Chicken Selects right now from Raunchy Ron's..and they're really good. Except the dressing cause it's hot out. Isn't it funny how Wendy's and McDonald's are SOOOOO competitive? Which one had the late night drive-through first? Wendy's gets chicken strips, then McDonald's. Wendy's dining room is open late, betcha in a couple months, so will you-know-who.

Long enough for you? Well, too bad. I have to go now and do something unimportant. Like play Roller Coaster Tycoon or Yahoo dominoes. Or Psychobabble...who wants to play??
me helmet

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H&R Block is a no go. You have to go to their special little tax scool to get in. I'll go ask them anyway. Tomorrow, when they're open. I'll be like "So, I'm in an accounting program already and I'm interested in woring for your tax preparation franchise. Do I have to go o your school to get in, seeing as I'm already in school, or is that your way of getting money off me first before you decide to hire me?" Sound good? I thought so. I WILL find a job related to my schooling, I'm not paying $2600 a year for nothing. Bunch of crap. What's that firm on Jarvis...Crawford, Smith, and Swallow. Maybe they'll take me on or something. 'aw, look at the cute college girl, sure we'll teach you the fine art of bookkeeping'
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