September 28th, 2004

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I Heart The 90s
First of all, were you born in the mid/late 80s?yes
If so, what year?85
Did you own any jelly shoes?yes...great until it rained you still have them?nope, but wouldnt it be funny
What was your favorite Power Ranger?the girls, they kicked butt
Could you name all of the Ninja Turtles?i could
Name as many as you can.michaelangelo, donatello, rafael, and leonardo,....but beebop and rocksteady rule!
Who's cooler... Alex Mac or Clarissa?alex mac, although clarissa was funny
Did you ever try to climb up a ladder to your best friend's room?no, but i always thougth that was cool
How many times did you watch 'Scream'?never
...did you think it was scary?um, no
Did you own a pair of Zubaz?i dont know waht that is many...what color?
Weren't Koosh Balls fun as hell?YES
Eh... what were they for, anyway?throwing at people (they always hit me in the eye, though_
How many Beanie Babies did you own?i STILL own them (except the mcdonalds ones) and i have about 15
Did your mother ever have to tackle somebody for one?my mother hates them...but my stepmother would probably get into a lengthy screaming match
Did you/your parents cry when Kurt died?no, my mom probably rejoiced and my dad maybe said 'whos that?' you think Courtney did it?i do, money is a big thing to a trashy lady like that
Did your parents vote for Clinton?not likely... they never vote in canadian elections, much less american
How did they react to the whole "Monica" ordeal?we all thought it was funny
Did you watch Friends?no
Who's your favorite character?but i do like phoebe and chandler (he likes dinosaurs)
What is your favorite 'Friends' expression?um, i...expresssions?
What is your favorite 'Seinfeld' expression?lol, omg, i dont know
Who's worse... Barney or Tinkie-Winkie?tinkie winkie
Did your family have a fallout shelter for 'Y2K'?no, we're not retards
Where were you and what were you doing on New Year's eve, 1999?i was...grounded and in my room. and i laughed when NOTHING HAPPENED
And finally... what is your favorite thing about the 90s?lol my stepbrother singing 90s rap, that never gets old

me helmet

(>^^)><(^^<) hug?

Kitchen table is GREAT. I decorated it for Halloween. I feel all festive now. Speaking of festive, I'm carving pumpkins for Halloween, and Dan's idea is to have his two/three friends over and two/three of my friends over and we ALL carve pumpkins together! and eat pumpkin seeds. Mmmm. Does anyone else like playing in pumpkin guts? I think it's funny. Are they fruit or veg? Pumpkin carving won't take place till the week, two weeks before the big weekend, so let me know and we can go look for pumpkins and snacks. And if anyone's not doing ANYTHING Halloween night, I'm giving out candy and wouldn't mind a costumed freak alongside me. Only if you don't have other plans.

I went to Walmart for the Halloween stuff, and they have CHRISTMAS stuff out. Not much, just little embroideries and knick-knacks. I hate Christmas. Pretty soon, Christmas stuff is going to come out with the back to school stuff and people will plug in their ugly icicle lights in Spetember. *shudder*

Otherwise, I'm off to stuff my face and read The Lost World (yay dinosaurs!)

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