December 1st, 2004

me helmet

winter it winter?

Sitting in class, waiting for the retard prfoessor to stop babying people who deleted their files so he can give me my assignment. I have to do my assignment today and my test next week. Then I have my exam the next week. i must say this course has been nothing but an annoyance to me the entire semester. *side note* is it weird that everytime the professor wnats us to delete something he says 'blow it away'? cause I think so.
Did I update the fact that my dad's half sister isn't only NOT trapped in the cemetery but has been by her mother's side since her death? And I rode my tractor.
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me helmet

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Looking around the site, I've decided I desparately need a picture of myself posted somewhere. This is the best way I could come up with to describe myself
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Lol, this should be some crazy meme. God I need to get a digital camera. And a decent computer.
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