September 7th, 2010

happy cat

4x 30-Day Memes, Day 21

Meme 1: 30 Days of ME (because I am a narcissist)
Day 21: Another Moment


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Meme 2: Regular 30-Day Meme
Day 21: A Recipe

An alteration instead: If you are making bread/pizza dough at home, subsitute the sme volume of sugar and water with ginger ale. You will NOT believe the taste. DIVINE PIZZA.

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Meme 3: 30 Days of Music
Day 21: a Song I listen to When I'm Happy

There are many others.

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21 Days of Favourite Pokemon
Day 21: Gen IV

Lola Bunny Lopunny, only because I don't have one and I really want a porno-bunny.

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