August 2nd, 2011

me helmet

My tweets

  • Mon, 14:19: had a dream that @catnipandhoney's wedding ceremony consisted of 100 people from high school watching a movie and then competing (cont)
  • Mon, 14:20: ...american gladiator style, complete with crazy events. it was a pretty awesome dream
  • Mon, 14:29: ANYONE THAT KNOWS OR CAN GOOGLE: what will loreal colour oops/colour remover do to my roots? i want this dye OUT
  • Mon, 19:25: while trying to go to a mall, we ended up at wonderland. uh, cool? i see rollercoasters!
  • Mon, 19:29: yep, so it takes 20min for us to get to wonderland
  • Mon, 20:04: i love how the sign on the mall read "we are open so you can enjoy your holiday!" what about fuckups like the MALL WORKERS? fuck off
  • Tue, 08:31: @cuntymouth aw bad time with chrome? weird; it worked perfectly for me. i will be on msn inn 10 or so min
  • Tue, 08:33: my phone battery seems to be dying VERY fast lately. hmm. also, i should finish paintinng my toenails after that racoon interrupted me