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quick n dirty

I've been working at a mail-sorting place for almost three weeks now and it's good. At the very least it's money and actually stimulates my mind. I've broken every nail I have more than once and have suffered many paper cuts and rubber band snappings. I'm working on a shipment of magazines called Lube 'n' Grease...they're being shipped mostly to the rigs in Alberta.
I have at least three rants for you and one of them is about the letter Q, so stay tuned.
The cats are great, except Clark has developed an extremely sensitive area on his back that causes him to go into some sort of fit if it's touched the wrong way (like if Cleo swats it, which she loves to do). I've had to buy them indoor-cat food because even Cleo now has a swingy belly.
I've lost 5 fish, three of them (all bettas) in one day (one to dropsy, one to frailty, and one to the cats while she was healing from serious wounds). I buried the bettas with my peace lily, which is accompanied by a tree that the squirrels planted for me before I moved out of my dad's.
I've spent the last month totally engrossed in Oblivion (you probably don't know what it is unless you own an XBOX...mine's on PC). It's seriously addictive. ALCHEMY
My modem is three weeks overdue, which I should contact Bell about. I feel so cut off from the world. My mom's spacebar doesn't work properly sometimes.


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3rd Feb, 2008 02:42 (UTC)
THERE YOU ARE! I was worried aboutcha.

Whoo, Q!
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