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10th Mar, 2008

D Learn's posting a bunch of funnies for me to look at. I share:

Just laugh, because you know I am. In other, stupid, news, I've been playing Fish Tycoon since Friday night. The graphics are crap and I turned the sound off, but I love my little virtual fish. Not nearly as much as I love my real fish, though. I feel terrible about Adonis, especially since I didn't know what went wrong. I threw Boo (amazing little xanthic betta girl) into his tank without cleaning it and she's doing just fine. I need to buy an apple snail for Dave's tank, the new snail's a lazy bum.

Also, please note:
The name Betta (or betta) is pronounced IPA: /ˈbɛtə/.[4] (That is, the first part is the same as the English word bet.) By confusion with the name of the Greek letter beta, the name is often (erroneously) pronounced /ˈbeɪtə/ in American English, and is even often misspelled with one t. The name of the genus is completely unrelated to that of the Greek letter, however, being derived from a local language in Thailand ikan bettah.


( 4 spoke — Orate )
17th Mar, 2008 16:22 (UTC)
I've added you! Because you seem nifty.

Add me back if you'd like.
17th Mar, 2008 20:55 (UTC)
LET'S DO IT! (good thing I check my recent comments page or I wouldn't have found this for a week :D)
17th Mar, 2008 21:00 (UTC)
(good thing I check my recent comments page or I wouldn't have found this for a week :D)


And thanks!
17th Mar, 2008 21:03 (UTC)
I check it when I've been posting a lot. Last night was definitely a lot.
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