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Milk bag tutorial

First, we have a bag of milk, which you saw in a previous entry (probably my voice post).

And you have the milk pitcher, specifically made for milk bags. Note that it came with a bag cutter, which we will be using in the tutorial.

Hold the bag a respectable distance above the pitcher. This is essential to getting the bag in all the way so that you don't make a mess when pouring.

The milk bag did not end up all the way in. The solution is to bang the pitcher on the counter, which we did. Not hard, one quick bang on the counter and the bag was in place.

A milk bag cutter. Note the blade.

It also has a magnet so you (theoretically) don't lose it.

The cutter goes under the corner of the bag. VERY IMPORTANT

Grasping the corner is essential.

Quickly move the cutter upward while holding the corner taut. It's a little blurry, but you should be able to see the corner in one hand and the cutter in the other.

Here's a better shot.

Throw out the corner, it's done its job (which would be to keep the milk in the bag)


Make sure the cutter is in its proper place. I keep mine on the stove.

Always store your milk in the fridge. WE'RE NOT STUPID, WE'RE CANADIAN.

Don't shut the fridge with your arm in it or you are defeating the purpose of the fridge. Let go of the pitcher.

You're done!

Wait, but what if you want some milk?

Silly, you just pick it up and pour it!

Mmmm, tasty.


Photographer: ME!
Model: My brother, Cory
Milk provided by Beatrice.
Cory's shirt from Steve and Barry's
Beer glasses from Linens N Things


6th Jul, 2008 00:42 (UTC)
why thank you, Abby!
6th Jul, 2008 00:48 (UTC)
I want to go Canada so bad, and milk in a bag is another one of the reasons I now want to go xD