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I know you're all CRAZY-INTERESTED in my fish, so I have a bunch of pictures of them behind the cut.

Sexy orange dude is Frederico the Fabulous, green slpotch in the back is his son.

These are his current commonlaw wives. The one with the green tail (who I have just named RainMelon) is the mother of the young dude in the previous picture.

Here they are again.

A better picture of father, son, and daughter. All the fry in the tank are Frederico's, and you can see how I know who is the mother of the son.

You sexy bitch, Frederico.

This looks like a picture of nothing, but there is actually a tiny tiny fry in the bottom. That fry is a week old at most.

Here's a size comparison of that fry with the gravel in the tank. TINY! There's two fry that size right now, plus the two older girls and the son.

In my other tank, here's Emma, the last of the big group of bettas I moved into this apartment with. I've had Emma for almost two years now, making her just over two years old. She's a tank; look at her compared to that fully-grown zebra danio!

Her colours always show true in the camera's flash.


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25th Oct, 2008 12:10 (UTC)
25th Oct, 2008 12:14 (UTC)
25th Oct, 2008 12:34 (UTC)

I feel like fish and chips now :(
25th Oct, 2008 12:36 (UTC)
25th Oct, 2008 12:13 (UTC)
I want to get a betta but i know nothing about tending a fish lol
25th Oct, 2008 12:20 (UTC)
Betta: At least a one-gallon tank with lots of fin-friendly plants. Aeration and filtration unnecessary. Feed betta pellets to red/orange fish and tiny baby cichlid pellets to blue/green/purple ones (I feed my yellow girl, Boo, the cichlid pellets, but I try to give her the more neutral-coloured ones). Ideally, bettas should eat live food.
I've never cleaned Boo's tank, and I rarely clean my 10-gallons because they have extremely high-efficiency filters on them. Boo's actually due for a cleaning, since I kind of feel like it now.
Interact with your fish, bettas are smart. I sit in front of Neptune's tank once in a while and pretend I'm scary. He gets all excited and flares at me. Boo is happy as long as I sit in the chair that's next to her tank. My other fish all have buddies in their tanks, so they are quite content.
fish are extremely easy to care for, you just have to put the wokr into the initial setup. Don't forget Aquaplus/Bettaplus when putting water into the tank! AND NEVER FEED FLAKE FOOD TO FISH WITHOUT FILTERS
25th Oct, 2008 12:21 (UTC)
oh for, the link won't work right because my copy/paste didn't work.
This is Boo: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/marshmallowcadet/Fish/IMG_2756.jpg
25th Oct, 2008 12:25 (UTC)
You're so helpful :D
25th Oct, 2008 12:27 (UTC)
I love fish. I wanted to be a certified fish veterinarian at one point.
25th Oct, 2008 12:35 (UTC)
oooooooooooooo cool!!!
25th Oct, 2008 16:00 (UTC)
25th Oct, 2008 16:12 (UTC)
You have no idea how much I love my fish ♥ I never thought I'd enjoy owning guppies. OH NO I FORGOT TO SALT THEIR TANK *runs off*
25th Oct, 2008 16:38 (UTC)
You have a totally freaking psychedelic fish tank, my friend.
25th Oct, 2008 16:40 (UTC)
Emma's tank, I take it? :P

I wanted a tank where every plant was a different colour, and that poster is awesome as a background. The fish don't seem to mind :D
2nd Nov, 2008 19:00 (UTC)
Hi fishies! This is making me want more fish...maybe in the spring I'll clear out a place for another tank. Right now I only have two bettas - in tanks side by side so they can see each other and get all spread-finny defensive. Guppies might be the way to go too, after seeing yours. I've had pretty good success getting fry to survive in the past. It's amazing that something so tiny can be fully formed!
2nd Nov, 2008 21:24 (UTC)
with guppies you need to remember to put aquarium salt in the tank. Not a big problem; I just shake the box into the filter without even measuring. Make sure they eat high-protein food (bettas because they're carnivores and guppies because they need it to breed).
3rd Nov, 2008 05:02 (UTC)
Really? I never knew guppies needed salty water. They've always done fine in regular conditioned water for me. THE MOAR U KNOW.
3rd Nov, 2008 08:47 (UTC)
Yeah, they do fine, but they don't thrive. We had a huge problem with the guppies dying at a pet store I worked at until I salted the water one day. We went from losing 3/4 of the fish to only losing a few.
3rd Nov, 2008 19:09 (UTC)
That's a very good tip to know. My guppies had oodles of babies the last time I had some, which thrilled me to no end. Teeny little fishies hiding in the rocks = Tanathir squee. If I get guppies again I'm going to try the salted water trick. Do they need as much as those fish who live in brackish water, or just a little salt?
3rd Nov, 2008 19:11 (UTC)
Probably half as salty as actual seawater. I used to use the 'hatch brine shrimp' salinity, but now I literally just dump in however much I feel is right. I emptied the tank recently, so this time it was a lot of added salt.
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