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Today was a better day. I am now a WSIB certified first aid person thing. It was still a very boring class though. Until the teacher demonstrated on me how to bind a stump, which I'm very good at. I don't know if I could ever actually WRAP someone's stump, but I'll give it my best shot.
I HAD ICE CREAM TODAY! From robo's. It was soft and chocolate and good.
My boyfriend just informed me that I'm pudgy. I brought it on myself. I also twisted his words. I'm too pudgy...for MODELLING. So there. I need a good rant.

Supermodels aren't pretty. They're exotic and funny-looking. They are supermodels because they are DIFFERENT and STRANGE. They are freaky crazy tall and, from what I've seen, are cranky and squinty-eyed. I may be freaky crazy tall. That's about where the similarities end. But I'm not ugly. And it almost seems being slightly hideous is a prerequisite for being a model. I don't like Kate Moss.


( 1 spoke — Orate )
10th Aug, 2004 15:20 (UTC)
it's not enough to be pretty eanymore. it's really good if you look like a man.
( 1 spoke — Orate )