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9.30 in the morning, and I'm hungry

I hate this class. Every time I come in, there's yet another problem with the files on my disk(s). I can only take so much from one computer *wants to go to the lab and find putey* *shakes fist at current computer*

I'm definitely having Arbys or something on my way home. I've been so hungry lately. I've had almost no sleep (and by that I mean 6 hours or less a night) and I'm not eating a lot. no sleep and no food make robyn something something...... EAT RAVENOUSLY!!!! Speaking of eating: have a double chocolate trifle from Tim Horton's, I tried to eat one last night but there's so much chocolate in them! Yummy. I ate most of it and got a terrible stomach ache. But it felt good.

I'm gonna go do homework or try to learn something. Or surf the net and play games. Gee, which will Robyn do?

*edit* i did fail that managerial accounting test. with a 44%

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