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12th Aug, 2004

So I'm watching Ricki Lake. My god, this show is terrible. But it's so great at the same time. I ate peanut butter toast (I'm really excited about that). And uh...I'm hungry again.
Other exciting news: I get my paycheque today...unfortunatly, payday is TOMORROW, and I don't think I made too much money. My next cheque is going to be small. I'm missing about 3 or 4 hours this week from that horrid first aid course.
I went to the aviary in Niagara Falls yesterday. It was great, this huge bird almost flew into my head SO many times. I reccommend it to everyone. I bought a little backpack that's an alligator! $15, that is NOT a souvenier price. GO THERE! SUPPORT THE BIRDS! It's about $17 a person, not expensive. I was excited the WHOLE time.
That was my yesterday, except for work, which no one wants to hear about, lol.


( 2 spoke — Orate )
12th Aug, 2004 16:04 (UTC)
did you go into the lorikeet cage?
13th Aug, 2004 04:19 (UTC)
no, i didnt want the screeching crazy birds near me. it was tempting, but i didnt want to pay money to feed the birds. if they're gonna get fed anyway, why would I pay to feed THEIR birds?
( 2 spoke — Orate )