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Three pics

The sharks on this book at work say Bleed and Clot on them. I loled long and hard for that.

Clark is tubcat. Both cats love the tub.

Cory and Cleo. He was saying "She's grabbing my nipples, the god damn dirty slut!" He got our mom's dimple.


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24th Apr, 2009 23:26 (UTC)
First, you have a green tub. This is AWESOME.

Second, I love the fact that your CAT SLEEPS IN SAID AWESOME TUB.

Seriously. I'm coming to get these kitties. They're too awesome.
24th Apr, 2009 23:52 (UTC)
I love my green tub! the linoleum walls are yellow, but the bathroom walls are white :( they used to be easter egg blue, but my landlord painted my entire place WHITE with without asking what I wanted to keep :( I would have kept the blue walls.

Clark ALWAYS sleeps in the tub :O He used to sleep in the sink when I had a big enough one.

Don't steal mah kittehs :(
25th Apr, 2009 13:29 (UTC)
This is just too awesome. First a sink!kitty, and now a tub!kitty. :D

I'm in love.
25th Apr, 2009 02:03 (UTC)
sry hes my fav ilh
25th Apr, 2009 04:02 (UTC)
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