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Rant and Rave

Words I have recently found to be very funny:</p>
  • pickle
  • cup
  • pants
  • word

Can anyone tell me how to pronounce 'etiquette'? I find it a very hard word to say.

Words I wish people wouldn't say/would say properly

  • orientate/reorientate/disorientate
  • discombobulate
  • February
  • croissant
  • bin
  • subsidiary (not sibsiderary or subsidery)
  • confuzzled
  • regular

I need to go get doing some homework or I might fail some classes. And I have to see about writing that quiz that I missed. This keyboard is growing hair...time to leave.

Your Sex Toy Fantasy by mck86
Describe Yourself
One day, you werein the bath
and pulled out yourpenis
which cost$500
and youclimbed on top
this made themcry: I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!
andpass out
they then told_strangedays_
who saidHOLY SHIT!
andnow they want a piece of that action
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