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thursday's ghost hunt

havent done homework in a month. went on a 'ghost tour' with kristy consisting of us driving around in my car. scared ourselves silly. heres what we came up with:

  1. Kraft road has a thing in the ditch and a skeleton hanging from a tree
  2. Snake road is intensely scary by where it meets bowen
  3. cemetery on Thompson (Greenwood I think) at the end of Bowen has inhuman spirits
  4. cemetery in Ridgeway by Ridgeway Public has a hell portal (i was so affected i almost puked in my car)
  5. theres a demon outside my house (that the family inside my house keeps at bay)
  6. the river is red with blood and full of bodies (duh)
  7. theres a demon at the fort by the soldiers monument
  8. ALL the forests and fields are haunted by wandering spirits and murder victims
  9. theres a ghost car at Helena/Albany with a ghost girl standing beside it (surprise)
  10. masoleum on the Garrison at Burleigh had a man standing in the door
  11. the twins' house has an old woman named Olive (or Olivia) wandering the old lower part
  12. I am really sensitive to the presence of ghosts (good or bad). the worse they are, the worse i feel (i panicked on Kraft and swerved away from the ditch and toward the skeleton).
  13. my father's half sister's spirit is trapped in Greenwood cemetery by the inhumans

im going to take pictures of some of these places and my house to try to get them to show up on film.

my laptops screen is broken. anything thats supposed to show up black is neon green.


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