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winter sucks...is it winter?

Sitting in class, waiting for the retard prfoessor to stop babying people who deleted their files so he can give me my assignment. I have to do my assignment today and my test next week. Then I have my exam the next week. i must say this course has been nothing but an annoyance to me the entire semester. *side note* is it weird that everytime the professor wnats us to delete something he says 'blow it away'? cause I think so.
Did I update the fact that my dad's half sister isn't only NOT trapped in the cemetery but has been by her mother's side since her death? And I rode my tractor.


( 2 spoke — Orate )
1st Dec, 2004 12:36 (UTC)
i hate class... Oh wait... i'm not in one... Ha Ha You Suck.
I'm in the black lab. I MISS YOU! ! ! ! ! !! ! !

see you soon
1st Dec, 2004 13:01 (UTC)
omg, i have to fininsh this assignment.....no i dont
( 2 spoke — Orate )