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13th Aug, 2004

Your Stripper Info by radioface
first name
Stripper Name:Zelda
Specialty:u get the most $ in yer thong
Customers say:"Nooo, come baaaack!"
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ok, so yesterday was the worst day at work EVER. thursday the twelfth (i think thats spelled wrong) is DEFINITELY worse than friday the thirteenth. old people terrorize me at work, stupid old people. im sick of them. "ill have a sandwich" 'oh yeah? thats frigging great, we have 11 kinds of freaking sandwiches and u want one. wonderful, get back to me when u change ur diaper" oooooh, i hate them.
BTW how come my stripper name is Zelda? that is the ugliest name ever!


(Deleted comment)
13th Aug, 2004 19:26 (UTC)
well, thats the impression i get...im not sure what u were going for, but very funny nonetheless